Our Operational Policy

Promoval is a specialist company which it has been selling and distributing electrical equipment for many years and counting nationally and internationally with the best brands in the industry.

Our clients are provided from the first moment with a complete support and technical advice related with their projects or installations. This is possible thanks to our experienced team, which always takes a personal approach with each client.

All our activities are carried out through our different offices, located in countries as Japan, England or Spain. This extension around the world allows us to have a great expertise and experience in the sector besydes the possibility to offer products with the most competitive prices.


Our values


We have an experienced team who has many years in the industry, providing us with a complete overview. this work is oriented to our customer satisfaction.


We know the industry where we have been operating for more than 10 years. This fact gives us great experience and knowledge.


It is a high unquestioned premise within the organization. All of our products comply with all the regulations that ensure optimal and efficient operation.


Our relationship with suppliers and customers is always characterized as direct, transparent and fully customized. We take care each of our stakeholders.