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PROMOVAL always offers to you the best projects and infrastructure solutions, so we believe in the best nationally and internationally electrical equipment brands. Fammsa, Revi, Imefy, Inael or Tefralux are our catalog brands.

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FAMMSA (Metal Fabrications Moreno SA) established and operating in yebenes (Toledo). They are specialized in the manufacture of metallic and electrical supports for lines and structure for substations. All their products comply strictly with all the pertinent controls and regulations.

IMEFY Group has been since 1973 manufacturing distribution cooled transformers in dielectric liquids (mineral oil, synthetic or natural esters), encapsulated in epoxy resin transformers and power transformers. Nowdays  IMEFY is acting in countries as Italy, Portugal and Poland.

INAEL is a company dedicated to the manufacture of components for generation and  the distribution of electricity (fuses, transformers, prefabricated buildings, lightning protection, etc.). Currently the company is in expansion process, operating in countries as Brazil or Morocco. The important headquarter is in Toledo city.

REVI is a Company team specialized in the manufacture of electrical equipment. Particularly in low-voltage electrical conductors, bare copper wire and pipes. The most important  headquarter is located in Quintela de Canedo (Ourense). All products of their catalog have a huge range of certificates.

TEFRALUX is a company based in  Buñol town (Valencia), dedicated to the manufacture and installation of distribution boards, motor control boxes control and automation systems, etc.

In addition, they make an engineering and detailled study. This Company make assemblies switchboards, electrical installations of low and medium voltage, automation and process control, commissioning and maintenance services.

Monitoring System for Photovoltaic Installations permitting control of the connected equipment at all times, and which consists of the following components:

Sist Monit

Mounting Systems for PV Installations of galvanized steel with official authorisation by all type of PV modules.

Sist Monit